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Bobcat Excavation Services

Offering a comprehensive selection of bobcat / skid steer equipment, as well as small and mid-sized excavators. We provide prompt, high-quality service at an affordable price. Our hourly rates for our bobcat and other excavation equipment are listed on our price list.

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Skid Steer Services For Abbotsford

Our skid steer fleet is modern, well-maintained fleet of bobcats, which we use to complete landscaping projects throughout the city. Typically, we are hired to complete medium-sized landscaping projects, which may include the demolition and removal of existing concrete driveways, patios, walkways and much more.

Bobcat Grading Services Abbotsford

Bobcat grading may be required when modifying the existing grade to suit a new landscaping component. Through Bobcat grading, you may create gently sloped areas that suit your landscaping. Additionally, you can use bobcat grading to renovate a piece of your property with bobcat grading. We offer bobcat grading expertise to assist you in creating landscaping and other property aspects that match your specific needs. We maintain bobcat grading equipment and attachments that enable us to take on tasks of any size.

Bobcat Concrete Demolition Services

Skid Steer and Track Skid Steers are excellent pieces of concrete demolition equipment. The bobcat  will break up concrete pads, stairs, walls, or whatever the task requires before loading it onto a trailer or dump truck. When it is hard for an excavator to both break and load concrete in a cost-effective manner, the skid steer shines. Skid steers are also useful after the demolition has been broken down and carried away for moving debris about the project site and regrading the affected area.

Mini Skid Steers

Mini Track Loaders

Full-size skid steers frequently do not fit in most completed back yards with gates and fences. Mini skid steer loaders are ideal for these applications. Mini skid steer loaders are rather small, measuring roughly 39 inches wide on average. They are tracked, so they leave less ruts than wheeled devices. They are shorter than a standard bobcat and so more maneuverable in small spaces. Mini bobcats are also swift, so if you want to avoid the slow and back breaking challenge of hand excavation a small track loader can get the job done quickly and affordably. 

Excavation Equipment

Compact Excavation Services

We provide a range of excavation machinery in addition to skid steer and bobcat equipment to fulfill your excavation needs. Excavators with widths ranging from 28″ to over 6.5 feet are available. This excavator works well with our skid steers, allowing us to combine the excavation equipment you need for maximum efficiency. Our excavators all have breaker attachments, allowing us to execute any sort of excavation or demolition task swiftly and accurately. As a consumer, you will always save money if you hire the proper contractor who can efficiently excavate and remove soil as needed with the proper equipment.  

Bobcat Services We Provide

Gravel Driveways

In the event that you have a lengthy driveway and the cost of paving it or laying concrete is beyond your means, we can grade your new gravel driveway. In order to grade the subbase, we must first shoot all elevations, ensure that drainage is functional, and then build an aesthetically pleasing design. The driveway gravel may then be placed on the surface. We may also prepare the area for asphalt or concrete, as well as pour the concrete if needed.

Sod Preparation

It is critical to have a level, flat, and smooth base before installing sod. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to provide you with a fantastic loam subbase for sod. Our suppliers supply high-quality dirt that is ideal for growing a lush, green lawn. Do you require the sodding to be finished as well? That is not an issue; we can take care of that as well. Please contact us.

Rough Grading

When constructing a new home or restoring an old one, extensive earthwork can be required. We have the necessary equipment to handle your project’s excavation and rough grading. If you require earth moving, levelling, and correct grading, give us a call now.

Soil Removal

If you have already dug the area and only want dirt removal, we can assist you as well. We have bobcats ranging in size from 39″ to full size. Additionally, we have equipment to remove surplus soils. Because we recycle all materials, it is critical that soil be deposited in a soil pile and waste is deposited in a garbage pile. Separating dirt and rubbish is not only environmentally friendly, but it also saves money.

Drainage Systems

If you require the installation of weeping tile, a French drain, a sump, a dry well, or any other type of drainage system, we can accommodate your needs. We have over 25 years of expertise dealing with drainage issues, and we are confident in our ability to find a solution to your drainage issues.

Commercial Snow Removal

We do provide commercial snow removal services, so having a range of skid steers available throughout the winter months and allowing them to be used for our commercial snow removal clients is ideal for our business. Bobcats are perfect for usage in smaller lots as well as for digging out corners in larger yards so that our larger snow pushers can pile the snow at the correct locations.